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If you are looking to raise your awareness about yourself and you are ready to release the negativity that has been present in your life, then you are truly in the right place. Through Transformational Life Coaching you can begin to uncover and connect to the potential that has been residing inside you all along!

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Do you currently experience... Would you like to experience...
Stress & Anxiety
Struggle & Complexity
Lack of Fulfillment or Purpose
Low Self-Esteem
Unhealthy Relationships
Feeling Blocked or Stuck
Lack of Motivation
Spinning Thoughts in your Mind
Dissatisfaction in what you do professionally
Feeling out of Control
Frustration with Current Results in your
personal and/or professional life
Living in the Past and/or Future
Lack of money
Not enough hours in the day
Feeling Lost or Directionless
Feeling Relaxed and at Ease
Ease & Simplicity
A Fulfilling Purposeful Life
Feeling Safe and Secure
Strength and Inner Confidence
Loving and Supportive Relationships
Flow and Forward Movement
An Addiction Free Life
Motivation & Inspiration
A Quiet Mind
Joy and Enthusiasm for Life
Passion for what you do professionally
Healthy Control of your Life
Success with Greater Results in your
personal and/or professional life
Peace in the Present Moment
Effective Time Management
Clarity and Direction


We are always at choice. The quality of your outer life is a direct reflection of the quality of choices you've been making up to now. Each choice we make leads us down a road, a road that can change your life for the better or a road that can change your life for the worse. You are here right now, you are at choice right now... which road will you take?

Let Lisa assist you in creating a deeper connection to your authentic self. Lisa takes you on an inner journey of self-discovery and higher awareness while utilizing a process that releases the negative emotions that have been keeping you bound to a life that is not in alignment with who you truly are as a human and spiritual being. Through her intuitive abilities and gentle presence, she gives you the direction and support to overcome life struggles to achieve more ease and harmony in your life!

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Wonderful, freeing, light and clear headed to name a few of the results from coaching with Lisa Ulshafer and I'm only 3 weeks into it! One of the best results so far, a rash that I have had on my solar plex area, FOR TWO YEARS, is now 98% gone! I know that our body is simply a communication tool, if there is something "not right" it's because I have emotions that are not serving my highest good. Being the kind of person, in the past, who thought I had to do life all by myself, I would spend much time thinking about what was causing my rash. Never coming up with the answer. I would watch it grow and then get smaller as I experienced certain events in my life, and yet I never managed to figure it out. One session with Lisa and it is 98% gone! With Lisa I was able to let go of the "need" of having to figure it out and I just relaxed into allowing the answer to show itself. Lisa, then, walked me through the TransCovery Process and I am ever so thankful for these wonderful results! Thank you Lisa!

- Brenda Norwood, LMT............

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